A fun, virtual 24-hour hackathon by FHS CS Club.
Inspiring and fostering creativity amongst the developers of tomorrow by

FalconHacks is a 24-hour event between 12/10 and 12/11, where students will be able to design and create their own projects. We will be providing workshops, mentors, and prizes during the event. Geared towards beginners and veteran programmers alike, FalconHacks is inclusive for anyone who is willing to code and make the next big thing. With free attendance and acess to a plethora of resources and connections, FalconHacks is the premier hackathon for Bay Area high schoolers. Register by signing up through this form today!

FalconHacks is run by the Foothill High Computer Science Club, a student-run organization.


9.00 AM SAT

Opening Ceremony

11.00 AM SAT

Git/Github tutorial session by William

2.30 PM SAT

Game Development Workshop by Studio Heart Engine

5.00 PM SAT

Web Development Workshop by Girls Who Code Club

7.00 PM SAT

App Development Workshop by FHS App Dev Club

9.00 PM SAT

Machine Learning Workshop by Claire

11.00 AM SUN

Projects are due

4.00 PM SUN

Winners are announced


amazon gift card

Winners will be receiving Amazon gift cards. 1st place will be given $20, 2nd will be given $15, and 3rd will be given $10.



Days Left

What skill level do you have to be to participate?

We encourage anyone interested to participate regardless of skill level.

I don not have a team. Can I still participate?

Yes, either you can submit individually or we can help provide help introduce you to other participants at a similar skill level.

How will submissions be handled?

We will be accepting a github project link from each team with a commit history. We expect that all code written for the project be written during the competition. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Furthermore, teams will be required to give a short presentation. This presentation maybe a video or done live to judges. For more details check here.

What is the maximum size of teams?

Teams can have a max of 4 people.

Is boilerplate code allowed?

Yes boilerplate from tools like create react app etc. is allowed and so are packages from places like npm and pip.

What time zone are all the times in?

All the times are in Pacific Standard Time.

If you have any further questions please email them to us at foothillcompsciclub@gmail.com

Thanks to Studykit.app for sponsoring our hackathon. Studykit provides premium and effective study tools for free. Go check them out if you are interested.




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